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Dennis Donahue & CreatiVenture Law Ranked Among Top 1% in the Nation for Patents

(February 2019) St. Louis based attorney Dennis Donahue and CreatiVenture Law are now ranked among the top 1% of firms in the U.S for successful patent prosecution, according to the upcoming 2019 Patexia Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report.

Analysts at Patexia, an independent research and resource firm for the IP law industry, looked at a broad range of criteria including how many patents are filed, how many are granted, and how efficient the filing attorneys are in getting the job done. Out of nearly 5,000 firms, Dennis Donahue and the Creativenture Law team are among the top 50 in the nation.

CreatiVenture Law founder Dennis Donahue considers it an honor to be counted with the best in the country.

“It is most gratifying to know that a truly client centered practice, no matter what the size, really works. That’s what we set out to do a decade ago. And it appears we are on the right track.” - Dennis Donahue

Donahue also contends that listening to clients first is the secret weapon in being efficient when it comes to prosecuting patents . “From day one, we start with a real understanding of the client, not just the technology. We simply do a lot of talking with them.  From that comes solid, meticulous filings which greatly reduce the possibility of fixing problems at endless cost down the road. But if they do happen, we already have a game plan in place to deal with them head on. The same goes for any IP project we take on.”

“It was a huge risk starting a firm during a recession, but we built something great client by client. And we are really proud of that.”

The 2019 edition of the Patexia Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report will officially be available in March, 2019. 

Background: Dennis began his career as an engineer at a global aerospace company, where he moved into the role of an Intellectual Property manager before moving into private practice at a large law firm.  After becoming a partner and co-chair of that firm’s Intellectual Property department, he decided to start his own firm (originally Dennis Donahue & Associates) in his basement to focus on entrepreneurs and growing businesses, just after the “Great Recession” hit in 2008

Since then, the practice has continued to grow, and CreatiVenture Law represents businesses across a wide variety of sectors in all areas of intellectual property law. Dennis is an active volunteer and mentor in the entrepreneurial community, and he has been named Best Patent Attorney in St. Louis by St. Louis Small Business Monthly multiple times.  No longer in the basement, Dennis and his team are available for interviews on the journey of this inspirational success story!

Contact: Amy Donahue (314) 995-3977        

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